Room Hire

Room Hire Application

You will be required to pay your first month's hiring fee up-front and as membership turns over 1 January each year, any hirer forms submitted at the end of each year for the coming year will require the additional $10 membership added. NOTE: The pre-paid hiring fee and membership fee will be invoiced for annual renewals that are recieved before 1 December, but must be paid before the hiring re-commences.


This form MUST be completed for each new booking. Your booking will not be entered into our system without this form, and if it's not in the system, you will not be given access to the building.


If you have a single booking that will encompass the whole year, you must stipulate on the form what dates you do NOT need the room (if during school term breaks etc). If these dates are not clearly marked you will be charged for each booking instance.


For example, if you book a room for a certain day each week, and you want to book for the entire year but not during term breaks, you need to list the dates during the breaks that you DO NOT want to hire the room. If you do not list these dates, and fail to let us know ahead of time, you will be charged per usual. You will NOT be charged if you have listed specific dates.


You can also choose to book term to term, but you need to be aware that this runs the risk of your slot being booked by someone else if we have not received your booking form well before the end of the current term. 




pdf Room Hirer Application Form.pdf


NOTE: All initial hire fees need to be paid before hiring commences and will be subsequently invoiced.

Swipe Card Application

Each room booking for out-of-hours requires that a security swipe card be applied for. 


This form is yet to be added 

The forms below can be downloaded and  filled out ahead of arriving at your first session.  

Class Enrolment


General Enrolment

This form is for any general enrolment into any of the courses, workshops and other activity sessions run by KNH.


pdfGeneral Class Enrolment Form.pdf

Pre-Accredited Training Application

This form is for use by participants in our Learn Local courses.

pdf Pre-accredited Enrolment Form.pdf

Childcare Enrolment


General Childcare Enrolment

Completion of this form is required for Playgroup, Occassional Care and 3-Year Old childcare sessions.

It only needs to be completed once,  after which you can then use the Reserved Childcare Place form to indicate you want to have a spot held for you for the next term or term break session/s.


pdf KNH Childcare enrolment form 2018.pdf


Application to Reserve Position

This form is for you to indicate that you'd like to reserve a slot for your child/ren for the next term or term break sessions.


This form yet to be added


From time to time we need help at the centre with things we don't have the time or skill or capability to do. These tasks may include gardening, general handyman tasks, helping to move boxes or furniture around etc. If you would like to help us out occasionally, please let Ev know at reception.
The best way to see what activities and programs are in the works, is to keep an eye on our Proposed Activities section. Here you can express your interest in joining one of the listed activities and see how close it's coming to reaching minimum numbers - and therefore being held. You can find it under the Programs and Activities menu item at the top of the page.
We are often looking for volunteers to help out with various tasks and roles at the centre - including on our Committee of Management. Volunteering in your community is a great way to meet new people, take an active part in shaping what happens at your community centre, and making use of (and even improving) those skills you have but aren't currently putting to use. We are currently seeking a volunteer with a horticultural background to facilitate our proposed Gardening in Small Spaces free workshops. Please call Lauren on 8786 6651.